Andrew James Double Induction Hob Cooker

The Double Digital Electric Induction Hob plugs straight into the mains electric, allowing you to cook anywhere with a 240v electricity supply, including caravans, boats, and of course in your own home.
The left hob has 1000W of power and the right hob has 1800W. The hobs are controlled with a microcomputer, which ensures accurate, adjustable power. An LED display shows you exactly what the hob is doing and with 10 power levels you can keep full control over the temperature, from a slow simmer to a roaring boil.
The induction technology means you have a hob with a smooth clean surface, which is easy to clean. The timer function automatically turns the hob off after the specified time has elapsed, and the automatic vessel detection turns the hob off once you have lifted the pan from the heating surface, allowing complete safety in operation.
Please note that induction pans are required for use with induction hobs.

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Key Features
  • The left hob has 1000W of power and the right hob has 1800W
  • The hobs are controlled with a microcomputer
  • An LED display
  • It is easy to clean
  • 240v electricity supply
  • Automatic vessel detection turns the hob off once you have lifted the pan from the heating surface, allowing complete safety in operation.

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HOT induction cooker

Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by magnetic induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. Because inductive heating directly heats the vessel, very rapid increases in temperature can be achieved.

In an induction cooker, a coil of copper wire is placed under the cooking pot and an alternating electric current is passed through it. The resulting oscillating magnetic field induces a magnetic flux which repeatedly magnetizes the pot, treating it like the lossy magnetic current of a transformer. This produces large eddy currents in the pot, which because of the resistance of the pot, heats it. Induction cooking is quite efficient, which means it puts less waste heat into the kitchen, can be quickly turned off, and has safety advantages compared to gas hobs (cook tops). Hobs are also usually easy to clean, because the hob itself does not get very hot.


Key Features
  • 300/380MM

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Emel Table Top Induction Cooker

Touch control Timer, 10 Levels power and temperature setting, Residual heat indicator, Automatic safety switch off
Child lock.


Key Features
  •  It has a timer, automatic temperature controls, auto shut-off and many more.
  • All these functions make this appliance brilliant addition to the kitchen.

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Universal Electric Induction Cooker/Digital Hot Pot

If you think gas and electric are the only ways to cook, think again. Induction cook-tops are masters of the quick change — delicate enough to melt butter and chocolate, but powerful enough to bring six cups of water to a boil in just three minutes.
Induction is fundamentally unique in that it uses electromagnetic energy to directly heat pots and pans. In comparison, gas and electric cook-tops heat indirectly, using either a burner or heating element to heat cookware from underneath. That radiant energy is then passed on to your food.
Induction cook-tops don’t use burners or heating elements underneath the pan. Instead, they employ a series of magnets that excite the iron atoms in a pan to generate heat.
As you can probably imagine, it’s far more efficient to heat cookware directly than indirectly. Induction is able to deliver roughly 80 to 90 percent of its electromagnetic energy to the food in the pan. Compare that to gas, which converts a mere 38 percent of its energy, and electric, which can only manage roughly 70 percent.
That means induction cook-tops not only heat up much faster, but their temperature controls are also far more precise. It’s an instantaneous reaction in the cookware.
This Induction Cooker shortens cooking time by 1/3, and so better seals nutrients into the food. The induction cooker comes with a variety of cooking programs for healthy eating.


Key Features
  • This high quality  induction cooker has different power adjustment and Touch model feature.
  • It comes with stainless steel hot pot.
  • It is ready to work right out of the box.
  • You can easily cook food to perfection within less time.
  • User friendly. Heat up quickly and evenly.
  • Makes cooking easy wherever you go

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Team International Easicook Induction Hob

Team offer this revolutionary induction hob, which works by heating the pot and not the cooker, so spills are easily cleaned. A must have for all kitchen settings, this ‘Easicook’ hob features a simple rotary control for variable temperature settings, an instant cool down or heat up reaction to setting changes and an overheat protection system.


Key Features
  • Simple rotary control for setting the temperature
  • Super efficient induction cooking technology
  • Colour: Multi

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