Nexus Twin Tub Washing Machine is a washing machine that has two tubs. Which you can use one for washing clothes and the other is for spinning the clothes to make it dry.  You manually move the clothes from the washing tub to the spinning tub once the washing cycle has finished. You might think that having to move the clothes from the wash tub to the spin tub is a little bit of a hassle and, while it can be, it also has a range of advantages.

The Nexus Twin Tub Washing Machine are actually one of the most water efficient options and uses less water than a front loader does in order to do a load of clothes but what is even better is the fact that you can reuse the water for more than one load of washing!

For example, you can do your lightly soiled clothes first and then move on to more heavily soiled items such as shirts and towels. You can use the rinse water from the first load as the washing water for the next load. No other type of washing machine allows you to reuse the water. As well, the spin tub in the machine is remarkable, spinning the clothes much drier than any other washing machine can.

Removing so much excess water means that your clothes will dry so much faster, whether you are hanging them on the line outdoors, indoors on clothes horses, or using the dryer.  The Nexus Twin Tub can also wash your clothes much faster than standard machines and helps saving you time and manpower.




Key Features

  • Brand:  Nexus
  • Capacity: Different sizes
  • Twin Tub
  • Water Selector
  • Overload Protection
  • Buzzer & Timer depends on the size
  • Pure Copper Motor
  • Rustless Plastic Body
  • Lint Filter
  • Washing Selector: Gentle, Normal, Strong


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