An AC can serve as HVAC which means heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It preserves appropriate moisture and supplies ventilation. An air conditioner assists in removing dust and other microorganisms in air in order to create a comfortable ambience for you. Keep your cool with different range of air conditioners available in different cooling capacities, design and style.

There are different types of air conditioners depending on your need, split AC, window AC, casement AC, Central Air system & more. In this post we look at some split air conditioners. Split air conditioners are equipped with outdoor and indoor units. The compressor and fan for the condenser are located outside the room which helps in reducing noise.

1) Samsung Split Air Conditioner 1HP | Price: from N120,000

Samsung air conditioner quickly cools the room with strong refreshing air. Its unique technology prevents waste of unnecessary energy consumption and controls the temperature automatically.




  • 4 Current Cooling Operating
  • 800 watts Power Consumption (Cooling)
  • 1 Power horse
  • 8.0 Air circulation

2)Samsung Crystal Split AC 1HP  | Price: from N195,000

The new Crystal air conditioner features a host of technology to dramatically improve air quality while its crystal design adds elegance to any room. Talk about a breath of fresh air‎.‎ Samsung‎’‎s Micro Plasma Ion system dramatically improves indoor air quality so your every breath is a pure‎,‎ healthy one‎.‎ Its powerful cooling system ‎(‎Engine Protector‎)‎‎,‎ constant volt control ‎(‎Controller Protector‎)‎‎,‎ and effective anti‎corrosion coating ‎(‎Fin Protector‎)‎ allows you to have fresh cooling air for a longer period of time‎




  • 1 Horse-power
  • Virus Doctor
  • Auto-roof shutter
  • Deodorizing filter
  • Silver coated Evaporator
  • DNA filter

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3) Lg Split 1.5HP NP | Price: from N148,000

Style and technology come together in this 1.5HP NP LG split air conditioner units. Boasting Artcool changeable panels and innovative features like allergy reduction filters.



  • 1.5 HP
  • Anti-mosquito AC
  • Ultrasonic sound to kill mosquitoes
  • Triple filter, Auto clean
  • Low Voltage Startability
  • Auto restart

4) LG Split AC 1.5HP JetMal | Price: from N139,500

With LG Split Airconditioner 1.5 HP you can keep your family safe from mosquitoes with ultrasonic wave technology. Ultrasonic wave technology is perfectly safe for humans, very convenient and can even save you money. The anti-mosquito funtion is harmles and nontoxic.



  • Anti-mosquito AC
  • Ultrasonic sound to kill mosquitoes
  • Triple filter, Auto clean
  • LVS
  • Auto restart


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