LG TVs are among the most sought after TV brands in Nigeria. In this post, we look at five of the most popular LG TVs in Nigeria and we compare their specifications and prices so you can make an informed buying choice.

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1) LG 22MT44A 22-Inch LED TV | Price: N25,000 – N28,000


LG 22MT44A 22-Inch LED TV_PricePadi

The LG Personal TV provides various multimedia entertainment such as HD broadcasting, DVDs, Internet, games and photos. Your viewing pleasure is further enhanced with Full HD picture quality.

Key Features include:

  • Screen size: 22 inches
  • FULL HD (1920*1080) 21.5″ ONLY
  • LED Colour TV
  • 1HDMI
  • 1 AV‎,‎ USBx

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2) LG 32LB530A 32-Inch HD LED TV | Price: from N41,000

LG 32LB530A 32-Inch HD LED TV

The IPS Panel used by LG is the reason why LG LED TVs have clearer, more consistent, and sturdy screens. IPS offers a color impression that is most identical to that of the original image. The colors are truly closest to nature and most comfortable for the eyes.

Key Features include:

  • Device‎:‎ LED
  • Screen Size ‎(‎cm‎)‎ 32 ‎:‎ 80
  • Resolution HD 1366 x 768
  • BackLight Module‎:‎ 100 ‎(‎50Hz‎)‎
  • Dynamic MCI ‎(‎Hz‎)‎‎:‎ Yes‎(‎PAL I‎,‎ PAL/SECAM BG/DK‎,‎ NTSC M‎)‎
  • Analog TV Reception
  • 5 modes ‎(‎Vivid‎,‎ Standard‎,‎ Cinema‎,‎ Sport‎,‎ Game‎)‎
  • HDMI/Component 1080i / 1080p / 720p

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3) LG 42PN4500 42-Inch Plasma TV | Price: from N60,000 

LG 42PN4500 42-Inch Plasma TV_PricePadi

The 42PN4500 was the smallest of all the plasma TVs LG released in the same year.  It boasts of perfect side viewing angles, 720p resolution, and a high refresh rate that plasma is known for.

Key Features include:

  • Screen‎:‎ 42 Inch
  • Type‎:‎ Plasma TV
  • Colour‎:‎ Black
  • Resolution‎:‎ HD 720p
  • Connectivity‎:‎ 2 HDMI‎,‎ 1 USB‎,‎ 1 RF In‎,‎ 1 AV Input
  • 600 HZ sub field driving
  • Picture Wizard II ‎(‎Easy Picture Calibration‎)‎
  • Energy star qualified

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4) LG 32LB580V-TA 32-Inch Smart LED TV With IPS Panel | Price: N69,000

LG 32LB580V-TA 32-Inch Smart LED TV With IPS PanelKey Features include:

  • Display size‎:‎ 32‎”‎
  • Type‎:‎ Smart TV
  • Resolution‎:‎ HD/IPS Panel
  • Power‎:‎ 100V ‎‐ 240V‎,‎ 50/60Hz ‎(‎AC‎)‎
  • USB Multimedia Play‎:‎ WMA‎,‎ MP3‎,‎ MPEG‎,‎ MPEG2‎,‎ MPEG4‎,‎ JPEG‎,‎ BMP‎,‎ PNG‎.‎

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5) LG 42LB580V-TA 42-Inch Smart Satellite LED TV | Price: from N108,000 


The LG SMART TV WITH IPS PANEL enables you to share and access various content on different devices, whether you are in or outside your home. LG’s Smart Share™ make it simple to connect devices within the house.

Some exciting capabilities of this TV are:

  • You can type or speak in any keyword and the Universal Search will instantly provide a relevant listing of video content, broadcast programs and online videos from YouTube and on your TV.
  • With LG Smart Share, you can share screens between your LG TV and other smart devices.
  • With the LG Cloud service you can play your contents on your Smart TV from anywhere, anytime.
  • With the LG Time Machine feature, TV programs can be recorded so that you can rewind, pause, or re-watch your favorite shows.
  • Just like a smartphone, LG Smart TV now has a Wi-Fi chip built in the system, allowing greater connectivity and access to and from the TV.

In summary its key features:

  • Display‎:‎ 42‎”‎ LED
  • Type‎:‎ Smart TV
  • Content Share‎:‎  Yes
  • Search Option‎:‎ Yes
  • Screen Share‎:‎ Yes
  • LG Cloud‎:‎ Yes
  • IPS Panel ‎:‎ Yes
  • HDMI‎:‎ Yes
  • USB‎:‎ Yes

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