Here is a list of the best 55-inch TVs in Nigeria.

1. Samsung 55JS9000 55-inch TV

Price: N1,756,200

The JS9000 features a curved screen design with a great screen resolution. Its display has an SUHD resolution, which is refined 4K UHD with quantum dots. The light output of the TV is reportedly up to two times that of a conventional display. With the Nano-crystal technology utilized, colours that would ordinarily have been missed are clearly visible. Samsung 55JS9000 55-inch TV is equipped with a powerful octa-core processor. It is a Smart TV with 3D capability. Samsung’s operating system Tizen, enables the use of a variety of apps. The Samsung 55JS9000 55-inch TV allows access to a greater number of 4K streaming video services than most of its rivals. It offers HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 connectivity and is able to decode HEVC formats. The TV features a full web browser. The TV features. One of these features a One Connect box which allows stress-free upgrades of processing and connectivity components. The TV set is provided with 4 HDMI.

The TV also features a Smart Remote Control that puts you in total control with a touchpad, a mouse-like mechanism and integrated microphone to let you navigate by scrolling, pointing and clicking, and using voice commands.


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2. Samsung 55HU7200 55-inch TV

Price: N920,000

Samsung 55HU7200 55-inch TV features an Ultra Clear Panel, which does a good job of absorbing ambient light while reducing glare and reflections to improve contrast and make images more crystal clear. The 55-inch display has an impressive ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and Clear Motion Rate 960 to help viewers get more detail of fast action scenes. Samsung 55HU7200 55-inch TV has UHD Dimming and Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which ensures colours are displayed as originally intended. The TV also has Quad Screen capability that enables users multitask by dividing the display into four sections, each of which can be used for different purposes. A feature called Smart Hub on the TV set lets you organise your entertainment into five separate panels for easy exploration of movies, TV shows, apps, games and streaming content as well as social media. The LED TV is equipped with a powerful quad-core processor. The TV boasts UHD Upscaling capability that makes it possible for SD, HD and Full HD content to be enhanced as close as possible to Ultra HD picture quality.

The Samsung 55HU7200 55-inch TV features a Smart Touch Remote that allows the TV to be controlled by pointing and clicking, using the remote in similar way as a computer mouse or using voice commands. The full web browser on the TV enables you do some of the tasks you perform on a computer. The TV’s DTS Studio Sound technology delivers superb 5.1 surround sound. Samsung 55HU7200 55-inch TV feature HDMI 2.0 ports.


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3. LG 55UG870 Curved 4K TV

Price: N1,160,100

The LG 55UG870 Curved 4K TV’s massive 55-inch curved IPS screen offers 4k resolution for an amazing viewing experience. The 55-inch TV set uses quantum dots to create brilliant pictures with rich colours. The LG 55UG870 is a smart TV and runs on the LG’s WebOS with a user-friendly interface that enables you to easily enjoy online entertainment. The 55-inch TV also supports Ultra HD 4K Streaming. The LED TV is not just about brilliant viewing, you also get premium audio quality, thanks to the speaker system designed harman/kardon. For connectivity, the 55-inch TV features three HDMI ports, two USB 2.0, and one USB 3.0 ports. You also get the usual TV ports for RF (2 ports), Full Scart, Composite, Component, PC Audio In, Optical Audio, and Headphone. The Curved LED TV also has a LAN port (ethernet) and supports Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct.


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4. Panasonic 55CX700 55-inch TV

Price: N

The Panasonic 55CX700 55-inch TV offers crystal-clear 4K Ultra HD LED display. It offers picture clarity that clearly trumps that of a Full HD TV with better true-to-life colours. Image quality is enhanced through Panasonic’s Hexa Chroma Drive technology with advanced processing and six-colour reproduction. Panasonic 55CX700M is a Smart TV driven by a powerful quad-core processor. The Home Screen is powered by Firefox OS with a friendly interface that makes the process of getting a wide variety of content seamless. You are presented with useful information, such as programme recommendations and weather, as soon as the TV is switched on. The 55-inch TV set is friendly with mobile devices allowing you watch content from your smartphone or tablet. An innovative USB HDD Recording feature lets you set recordings on the 55CX700M. It features three HDMI ports.


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5. Samsung 55J6300 55-inch Smart TV

Price: N477,600

The Samsung 55J6300 is one of the most affordable 55-inch TV.  The LED TV offers full HD TV which is less exciting on paper than the 4K resolution. However, the Samsung 55J6300 offers Micro Dimming Pro and a fuller spectrum of color with Wide Color Enhancer which offers brilliant pictures with bright colours. The Smart TV features quad-core processor with Smart View 2.0 to deliver online entertainment direct on your big screen TV. The 55-inch TV offers 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and Ethernet. It also supports Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct.


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6. LG 55UB850T 4K

Price: N1,257,900

The LG 55UB850T is designed to wrap you up in the fun with a stunning 4K Ultra HD curved display. The 4K IPS panel offers awesome colour accuracy and impressive wide viewing angles for enjoyable viewing at almost any angle you may be seated in front of it. The Tv was named by LG as the ‘world’s most comfortable 3D. The LG 55UB850T promises breathtaking Cinema 3D experience. It is built to deliver highly enjoyable viewing and comes with snug 3D glasses. The set has content quality up-scaling capability. The 55-inch TV is powered by its LG’s WebOS software. With an easy-to-use interface, the operating system lets you diversify your entertainment options. The set’s Launcher and Live Menu features lets you switch seamlessly between live programming and recorded content. The LG 55UB850T features integrated HEVC decoder and HDMI ports with support for 4K content.


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7. LG 55EC930T 55-inch OLED TV

Price: N1,356,300

Flaunting an attractive thin design, The LG 55EC930T is a curved Full HD OLED TV. The OLED technology used for the display means response time is 1000 times faster than the LED TVs. The TV offers an ‘infinite contrast ratio’ for the richest of colours and deepest black. The 55-inch TV is equipped with a Dual Core Plus processor and WebOS software, LG 55EC930T is a Smart TV that is configured to let you take your search for entertainment onto the Internet – Wi-Fi is built in. It comes with a Remote which can be used for control like a regular remote, a computer mouse or with voice commands. Time Machine lets you record your favourite shows for later viewing.


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