1. Haier Thermocool HTF203 Chest Freezer (Price From ₦135,400)


The Haier Thermocool HTF203 Chest Freezer holds a capacity of up to 203-Litres with door locking mechanisms and a Power-On light indicator, this product is easily accessible and safe for the whole family. Interior Lighting provides ease of use whilst the freezing capacity can keep food fresh even up to 100 hours after a power outage. The body of the freezer unit is zinc coated, which protects the freezer from rust.

Product Feature

  • Dimensions mm (W*D*H) 940*560*845
  • Anti rust protected
  • Low noise operation
  • 75mm insulation thickness
  • Super Freeze Indicator Light
  • Power-On Indicator Light
  • Freezer Cooling Technology
  • Control System (E=Electronic; M=Mechanical)
  • 203-Litres Capacity


2. Haier Thermocool HTF-429H Large Chest Freezer (Price From ₦224,000.00)


Keep a large amount of food fresh for weeks in the Haier Thermocool HTF-429H Chest Freezer, with up to 429 Litre storage capacity even room to accommodate food items of unusual shape. Units are designed to function with minimal noise, allowing you to maintain a quiet environment whilst the zinc coating protects the freezer from rust or other outside damage.

Product Feature

  • 429-Litre storage capacity
  • Dimensions mm (W*D*H) 1410*745*855
  • Low noise operation
  • 75mm insulation thickness
  • 100-hours (4 days) freezing capacity after power interruption
  • External Condenser
  • Anti Rust Protected


3.  LG Savanna GR- K410SLB Freezer (Price From ₦190,500)


The LG Savanna GR-K410SLB Freezer is uniquely built for every home, with 100 hours freezing capacity after power interruption and direct cooling system. This LG deep freezer is has a 5 year warranty and it is perfect for every home. The body of the freezer unit is zinc coated which protects the freezer from rust.

Product Feature

  • Dimension 1171X725X855
  • LED Lighting
  • 18Kg Freezing Capacity
  • Direct Cooling Type
  • Front Drainage
  • Blast Freezing makes “30% faster freezing speed
  • 100 Hours Freezing capacity after power interruption
  •  5 Years Warranty


4. Polystar PVCF-315LGR Chest Freezer (Price From ₦102, 000)


This Show Case Polystar Chest Freezer comes with an adjustable Thermostat, manual defrost and fast freezing function to ensure your stored items are frozen for preservation quickly.  Store your meals for longer with this high quality Show Case Chest Freezer that is designed to help retain the freshness and wholesomeness of your food and perishables for future consumption.

Product Feature

  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Manual Defrost and Fast Freezing Function
  • Easy Cleaning Interior
  • Deluxe Chest Freezer
  •  Energy Class B
  • 100% hfc free & fckw free
  • Easy Cleaning Interior
  • Rounded Glass Door Design
  • dimension: 834*670*860 mm
  • Storage Volume 227L


5.  Scanfrost SFL 411 Freezer (Price From ₦195,500)



This Scanfrost  SFL 411 Deep Freezer is efficient, durable and Easy to use. Scan frost Deep freezers are made from quality material and offers reliable performance to the user. With its quick freeze functions, super cooling compressor and other features be sure to have an amazing experience with Scanfrost SFL 411 Freezer.

Product Feature

  • Capacity 411 litres
  • Finish Inox
  • 4 way cooling
  • 100 hours Freeze capacity on Power Outage
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Lockable with key
  • Removable Storage basket
  • Super Cooling Compressor


6. Samsung ZR26FARAEWW 260 LTR Chest Freezer (Price From ₦180,000)



The Samsung Frost Free range of Freezers brings you the ultimate in food storage and preservation. With a host of features, these refrigerators are a must-have for any modern home. The Samsung ZR26FARAEWW freezer has 260 litres capacity with two compartments and frost-free refrigerator. It is one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators. In the same vein, the lights inside the fridge are LED instead of regular incandescent bulbs which save up to 96% energy. The freezer has a very strong and sturdy compressor which can operate even at 50 degree Celsius to keep your food fresh even in the hottest condition.

Product Features

  • 110 Hours Freeze Without Power Supply
  • Inbuilt Stabilizer (135v-290v)
  • 2 Times Fast Freezing
  • Double Wire basket For Easy Organization
  • Recess Handle