In this post, we look at five of the most popular washing machines in Nigeria and we compare their specifications and prices so you can make an informed buying choice.

Almost anyone can afford a washing machine today. With quality washing machines becoming cheaper by the day, they no longer fall under the category of appliances meant for the rich.

1) Haier Thermocool 6 Kg Top Load Washing Machine – 77600-0299 Tlw06 | Price: from N64,495

This Haier Thermocool 6 Kg Top Load Washing Machine – 77600-0299 Tlw06 (Blue) is a cheap top loader with single opening washing machine with a wash load capacity of 6kg.

It stunningly washes your clothes in a smooth and appealing manner. It is well designed to have an easy to use and maintenance structure, bundled with a spark of imaginative innovation to make regular clothing less demanding and faster to wash.


Key Features

  • Washload capacity: 6 kg
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Top loader
  • Direct drive
  • Colour: Blue

2)  QASA Double Tubs washing Machine| Price: from N43,800

The QASA double tubs washing machine, has a separate wash and spin dryer tubs for washing convenience and ever-refreshing washing experience after every use. It has a 4.2kg washing capacity, with 3kg spinner.

qasa washing machine
Key Features
  •  Pure copper motor
  • Rustless plastic body
  • Transparent lids
  • Over-load protection
  • Buzzer & timer
  • Washing Capacity: 4.2kg



3) Samsung Twin Tub Washing Machine 9Kg WT90H | Price: from N108,000

The Samsung WT90H washing machine is a twin-tub washing machine that truly cleans and dries your clothes. The Jet waterflow system improves washing performance, aided by a powerful motor.

The WT90H washing machine has extra function buttons for those who want a little extra – extra rinse, rinse hold and pre-wash. The Samsung WT90H Machine Machine also features automatic selection of spin speed and wash water temperature and program progress indicator lights.


Key Features

  • Twin Tub Washing Machine
  • Top Loader
  • Capacity: 9kg
  • Air Turbo drying Sytem
  • Two way lint filter
  • Rust-proof Fibre body

4) Haier Thermocool Front Load Automatic Washing machine  | Price: from N149,750

If you are on the lookout for high quality, durable and efficient Washing Machines to give you cleaner and brighter clothes after every laundry session, then Haier Thermocool washing machines gives you all these and much more.

These range of front Load Washing Machines are functional, sturdy, easy to operate, eco friendly, very convenient, and designed to perform large tasks in short period. Built with the capacity to manage a wide selection of fabrics, with it’s large pothole to allow easy access for loading and unloading, the Thermocool Front Load Washing Machine washes a sieable number of fabrics clean in an instant.

Haier Thermocool Front Load Washing machine - 77600-0289 Hw60-1279W

Key Features

  • Front Load
  • Type: Washing machine
  • Easy control

5) LG Front Loader Washing Machine 6Kg  | Price: from N174,800

LG front loading washing machines come with high temperature water wash that eliminates germs, bacteria and allergens. Keeping your laundry clean and free from germs.

With a variety of innovative features, such as 6 Motion™ technology and Direct Drive motors, LG provides more options for getting your clothes clean, while being gentle on even your most delicate fabrics.


ignis washing machine fl 1207

Key Features

  • Capacity: 6KG
  • Front loader
  • Colour: Silver
  • Direct drive Motor

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